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GDPR Self Audit

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

22-Mar-2019 09:39

Whether you completed your GDPR last May or have not quite started yet, you should consider completing a GDPR audit. This will help you understand your current level of compliance and also identify any urgent issues that you really do need to address. GDPR can be quite daunting and it can be difficult to know where to start.

An audit will help you understand the areas within your business that is affected by GDPR and help you understand where policies and procedures need to be produced and implemented. Your optindigo document pack includes a useful set of checklists including a GDPR audit checklist which is pretty easy to complete and will certainly help you prioritise your GDPR activities.

You can also use the free downloads on the site to work out which GDPR policies and procedures you need to create and implement for your organisation. These activities will help you produce a plan and break down the huge GDPR elephant into smaller, more manageable chunks.

However you decide to proceed you should start asap. The ICO expect all companies to take GDPR seriously and demonstrate commitment to data protection regulations - if you are subject to an investigation, having an audit, document list, and implementation plan might just save your life.

Good luck all.