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GDPR and using Social Media to save your data.

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

18-Apr-2018 10:15

There is little mention of Social Media in the GDPR, DPA, or PECR regulations. Obviously the same rules apply to processing of data and as a responsible GDPR compliance company we would never suggest that you should attempt to circumvent GDPR. However, there is a little trick that might help you rescue your customer database.

Many companies are desperate to rescue their customer databases but just don’t have records of consent that allow them to send email or sms text messages to ask their customers to re-optin. Even prior to GDPR they don’t meet PECR regulations and they are not willing to take the risk of large scale email blasts. We absolutely agree that this is the correct choice and that spam of any description is not acceptable. However, Facebook custom lists might just be the answer!

Facebook custom lists are a pretty well known marketing approach on Facebook – using custom lists to promote products and services to well-defined groups of people. You upload your data [email or mobile numbers], create a list and then target your campaign at Facebook users that match the credentials uploaded in your custom list. Your list will only include FB users that match the people in your list and the % match will vary but you should reach a 60%-70% match if your data is recent. Make sure your campaign is attractive and legitimate and make sure you re-optin responders when they click. Simple, quick, easy, and cost effective. Set the ppc at a level that works for you and make sure your re-optin is GDPR compliant.

Is this just social media spam – we don’t think so and it’s a very common approach - but you can make your own decision. You can setup fast, test, adjust, and optimise your campaign to ensure you achieve the results you need. Best of all this doesn’t break any regulations and carefully managed campaigns work really well. Try it – this might just save your database.

Good luck all.