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GDPR For Sole-traders And Micro Companies

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

20-Dec-2018 10:22

One problem with GDPR is that the regulations apply to every company. Bizarrely the set of 99 Articles applies to even the smallest company. This just seems unfair, unreasonable and even punitive on the smallest companies.

The only good news is that completion of your GDPR policies and procedures is likely to be considerably easier. Your data should be less complex, and your business processes better defined. You have less staff to train and probably fewer suppliers and other third parties to have to deal with. The likelihood of a malicious attack is lower and your IT simpler to secure. So, it’s not all bad news!

Here at Optindigo we have considerable experience of working with SMEs. We have worked with over 1000 companies from all sorts of industries providing all sorts of clever products and services. We understand how small companies work, the sort of systems they use, and the GDPR problems they have to deal with. We understand how GDPR applies to SMEs.

We can help provide all the documentation you need, train your staff, ensure your suppliers are compliant; and even help you fix your website. Call us anytime.

We understand small companies. We are a small company. Call anytime for help with your GDPR.

Good luck all.