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GDPR Staff Training

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

23-Oct-2018 11:55

Training your staff about GDPR is absolutely vital! You don’t necessarily need to teach them about the 99 Articles or the complexity of third country transfers but ensuring your staff understand what GDPR means to them is important. Here is a quick list of topics you should cover:

  1. Why GDPR applies to everything you do

  2. GDPR applies to all EU citizens

  3. What counts as personal data

  4. What data we hold

  5. GDPR rights of the individual

  6. Our responsibilities under GDPR

  7. Use of passwords on devices / accounts / files

  8. Email rules

  9. Use of own device

  10. Sharing with third parties

  11. Encryption

  12. What is a GDPR SAR?

  13. What is a GDPR Breach?

  14. Who is responsible for GDPR in your company?

This is pretty basic and a GDPR staff training session could be completed in perhaps 30 mins. Staff training is a key part of GDPR, you may need to be able to prove that you have conducted a training session so keep a record.

Here at Optindigo we have free GDPR staff training videos for all users. Just create your free account and drop us a line. The videos are animated and easy to watch so combined with the above agenda, they will give you everything you need.

Good luck all!