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How Should You Prepare For GDPR?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

27-Feb-2018 09:23

Over the last few weeks the traffic and sign-ups on Optindigo have exploded. However we have noticed that compliance has become more about how companies should approach the analysis phase rather than how they complete the changes required to be GDPR compliant.

In fact – this is now so common that we are producing a set of How to guides – not how to GDPR – more like how to document your organisational structure; break-down your business processes; define your data models; understand your IT; and how to complete a PIA.

There are all pre-requisites of a successful GDPR project but most small companies don’t understand how to do this. No disrespect intended but unless you have a IT/IS background how would you? There is very little material on how to actually complete the analysis phases and besides a few templates – there is nothing from the ICO. We are spending more time talking about how to document company operations than GDPR regulations.

Feels like something has been missed – SMEs often don’t have the expertise or funds to complete even this phase so how can they possibly complete GDPR compliance?

If you have any generic business, process or data analysis templates please let me know – I know companies that would be very grateful!

Good luck all!