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How To Save Your Data From GDPR

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

20-Nov-2017 09:24

There is some debate about whether your existing database will be legal under new GDPR regulations. However, unless you collected the data with an associated privacy statement and clear statement about how you would process the data then I am afraid you are probably out of luck. Your data may well not be legal.

Here at OptIndigo, we have developed a set of tools that can help migrate your data. If you are a data broker we can help you re-assign your data and allow you to continue buying and selling with confidence.

It’s all about the opt-in! Our platform allows you to market to your customers through your usual channels and capture opt-ins with appropriate privacy statements and agreements. These opt-ins can then be provided to you to manage on your own sites or retained securely by us and managed through our API.

However you choose to do it you need to start now! Convincing customers to re-optin is not that simple. You may need to contact them multiple times and use a range of techniques to convince them to optin. We have some great ideas for this.

We are always happy to discuss this. We understand GDPR and can help you be safe. Setup your free account now at OptIndigo or call/email/chat now!

Good luck all