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GDPR Help. How To Use Optindigo!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

11-Apr-2018 10:07

Optindigo is designed to help you get through the GDPR process as quickly and easily as possible but doesn’t ignore just how important GDPR compliance is to you and your company.

Designed for SMEs, Sole-traders, and Micro companies, Optindigo has a number of tools to help you. Here is a quick run down to make sure you are not missing out!

1. Free documents – the ‘GDPR 10 Step plan’ is a good place to start your GDPR preparations. Read this first. The checklist and GDPR document list are useful documents to help you understand what you have to do
2. Dashboard – start here, you use this page to check your progress, download your compliance badge, and try out our re-optin tools. You can also join our partner programme and generate revenue by sharing your unique link
3. Task Manger – this is the core of Optindigo, use this to work out what you need to do and track progress. Even on a free account you can use the Task Planner
4. Document Packs – choose the pack that suits your organisation and upgrade your account on the ‘Dashboard’. Your pack will be available immediately, just check the ‘Add Tasks’ option on the Task Manager and you are all set
5. Blogs – you have probably found these - lots of useful info here
6. Contact us / Chat / Email – we are always happy to help. Get in contact anytime

Take a look at this video! This will help you understand how to use the Optindigo system.

Hope this helps.

Good luck all.