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Accountability Framework: What you need to do

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

15-Sep-2020 16:51

The ICO has launched a practical tool to help organisations manage their approach to privacy and to understand what accountability looks like. The Accountability Framework makes it easy to see what businesses need to do and how to improve their data protection compliance.

The accountability requirement of data protection legislation may seem like an unusual and daunting task, however, it is a huge step towards becoming actively GDPR compliant. When following the framework, you will perform a risk assessment and take appropriate action if need be. You need to ensure staff are trained, reassess your data processing and ensure that compliance is a key part of your business.

The ICO also states that the framework will help businesses through the COVID-19 Pandemic and answer common questions about how businesses should incorporate data protection into their daily running.

For more information, check out the ICO blog. Our experts are also on hand to call. Call or email us at any time and we'll help your buisness stay on track to data protection compliance.

Good luck all.