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£700,000 ICO Fine

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

14-Mar-2019 10:21

The ICO has just find two companies £700,000 for persistent illegal marketing. The companies involved were generating huge volumes of traffic and promoting some pretty dubious products and the ICO has clearly taken appropriate action against them. The company Directors attempted to liquidate the companies to avoid the fines but the ICO blocked this attempt and now the directors are on the hook for this eye-watering amount of money. I am no legal expert but I assume they are being chased under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The point of this article is to bring to your attention that the directors are now personally liable. No escape by winding up the company and no obvious route to appeal. This £700,000 fine is a pretty extreme example and in most cases any ICO investigation or enforcement action would not result in such a ginormous fine. However, the principle of accountability applies to every company. Even if your staff make an admin error, you may still be personally liable. Imagine the damage if your staff member send the wrong email to all your customers. This is a simple and very common error. You might just be on the hook for this!

Make sure you have completed your GDPR, that your staff are trained, and that you have appropriate process and IT systems in place. Having evidence to prove you have taken every reasonable precaution might just save you.

Don’t risk an ICO fine, it would really spoil your day.

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Good luck all.