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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

29-Jan-2020 08:18


Would you know what to do if you received a Subject Access Request? Make sure you update your SAR policy and would review your GDPR document set so you understand what to do if you receive a compliant. SARs are becoming more frequent and companies must respond quickly in order to avoid ICO fines and enforcement action. Don't get caught out. Check your policy will actually protect you before you receive a complaint. Simple changes to your SAR document could make your life much easier if you ever need to respond.

We have updated our documents to include the new information from the ICO - you can check the ICO site here: ICO SAR PROCESS

We offer a SAR Advice service, you can call us anytime for advice but it will probably be cheaper for you to subscribe and update your documents. Subscription costs from £19.99, if you are not an existing subscriber you can still ask us to help. You can subscribe and then use our GDPR services. You can see the GDPR service options at: GDPR SERVICES

Good luck all.