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ICO Responds to Track and Trace Challenges

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

18-Sep-2020 16:52

The ICO has published how the NHS Track and Trace App, which was criticised a few ago for its lack of clear data protection principles, has since adapted to the regulatory guidance. The ICO reports that the relationship between both parties was very positive and that the adjustments made to the app have brought a positive change.

Here are the changes that have been implemented following ICO guidance:

  • Clearer information privacy implications the app may have and how those risks have been mitigated those risks.

  • More information on how users can exercise their data protection rights.

  • Clearer information on automated decision making. Individuals are now able to speak to a real person about the reasoning behind the algorithm.

  • Increased transparency on how and when individuals personal data is shared or anonymous.

  • Greater clarity of security considerations.

This is not the end of the ICO's involvement with the NHS Track and Trace app as the partnership will continue until the app is no longer necessary. However, this shows how the ICO and businesses can work together well and act in a way that puts the data protection of users at the heart of their services.

A takeaway from this is that ICO involvement does not always mean large fines, instead, they are a great resource for businesses to ensure you are compliant with data protection regulation. We post regular updates from the ICO on this blog, so be sure to keep checking back to stay informed.

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Good luck all.