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Instant GDPR... Well almost

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

11-May-2018 11:24

Need to get GDPR compliant fast? Need to be able to report progress today? We can help!

GDPR can be feel complicated, confusing, and even contradictory. There is lots of information available but very little that tells you what you actually need to do. We can help!

Our document Generator will allow you to complete over half the documents you need almost instantly. Follow these simple steps:

1. Create an account at Optindigo
2. Upgrade to the pack you need – take a look at our pack selector which will help you choose
3. Your pack will be available in your account instantly.
4. Complete the ‘Company Information’ page in the Tools option.
5. Use the Add Tasks option in the Tasks menu to create a list of all the documents you need – don’t forget to add an identifier for the tasks, you will need this later.
6. Then simply select the identifier in the ‘Task Filter’ box on the Tasks page and hit ‘Generate all Documents’ – then confirm and just wait…
7. 10 seconds later you will be able to see all your documents in the ‘Document Manager’ page in the Tools menu.
8. And you have started all the other documents required to be compliant.

You can then confidently report that you have:

1. A GDPR plan
2. Your GDPR Strategy
3. Your SAR process
4. Breach process
5. Compliant Handling process
6. Data Retention Policy
7. Data Classification Policy
8. Have started your Data Discovery [we give you a template for this]
9. And even a draft of your Privacy Policy [there is a template for this too]

There is still work to do but this will definitely help you get started and demonstrate your commitment.

Do it now!

Good luck all!