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Is GDPR Virtual DPO possible?

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

23-Jan-2018 09:45

I don’t think there is much doubt that GDPR is complex, confusing, and requires a level of technical expertise to implement. The number of training courses available and new GDPR Consultants suggests that there will be a huge opportunity for well trained professionals to establish themselves as BDOs over the coming months. However how will SMEs and Micros cope with the demands of GDPR?

As a text marketing company we are working hard to ensure we are GDPR complaint and will have our own DPO and compliance processes. We have recently been asked to act as DPO for a number of our customers. So the question is – is this viable? Does this meet GDPR compliance requirements?

Article 29 specifically allows multiple organisations to share a DPO; companies can employ an external DPO as long as there is a service contract; and DPOs have a high degree of protection under GDPR against breaches by the organisation.

So, if you are a recently qualified GDPR consultant [not going to debate the whole ‘certified’ thing here], then maybe setting up as a virtual DPO is the way to go? Huge benefit to everyone concerned, small companies get the support they need without the expense, consultants start to act like GDPR Accountants/Auditors – everyone’s happy!

Going to book my Accredited Official DPO Certified course immediately!

Good luck all