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Manage your data

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

18-Jan-2019 09:25

If you send any sort of message to your anyone then managing your data is vital. GDPR and PECR regulations apply to pretty much all channels and particularly strict regulations apply to any marketing messages that you send to potential customers. The key here is having proof that you collected the data legally. Having records of when, where, how you collected the data will help you if you receive any sort of complaint or face an ICO investigation. Even if you just have a ‘Contact Us’ page then recording the opt-in details is vital. As a minimum you should have:

  1. Date / time you collected the data

  2. Web site url

  3. Copy of the screen / information displayed on the page

  4. Copy of the Privacy Statement that was displayed at that time

  5. IP address of the user

  6. Other identifying info - browser / device etc…

  7. Offer details the data subject was responding to

This might seem over the top but having proof is vital. If you receive a complaint or GDPR SAR the more evidence you have the better!

If you don’t have this info then you really need to think carefully before you send any messages to anyone!

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Good luck all.