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NHS Security and Protection Toolkit - Incident Reporting

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

29-May-2019 13:02

Any sort of data breach is likely to be stressful and should definitely be avoided. If you collect, store, or process about any NHS patient you now have additional responsibilities. As part of the new NHS data protection toolkit a new incident reporting tool has been launched, this forms part of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit. This replaces the previous SIRI reporting tool which was part of the previous Information Governance Toolkit. The new incident reporting tool reflects the new reporting requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and for relevant organisations the Networks and Information System (NIS) Regulations. Reportable data security and protection incidents must be notified through the reporting tool.

Here at Optindigo, we provide a set of GDPR incident management tools. The SAR Manager, Breach Manager, and Complaint Manager have been designed to help you manage data security incidents, ensure stake-holders are informed, track progress, and, most importantly, give you an evidence log to help you demonstrate that you took all steps necessary to resolve the issue. These tools can be found in the ‘GDPR Tools’ section in the main menu.

If you need help managing any sort of incident don’t hesitate to get in contact. We strongly advise you call us first, tel: 01772 217800.

Additional NHS guidance materials are available to support organisations assess whether incidents should be reported at: Alternatively, if you require immediate advice and guidance related to a cyber security incident, please contact the NHS Digital Data Security Centre on 0300 303 5222. Don’t forget that you may also need to report the incident to the ICO – GDPR regulations apply regardless of whether you report to the NHS.

Good luck all.