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Quick GDPR and Cheap GDPR

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

02-Jan-2019 10:20

Is it possible to complete your GDPR quickly? Some people would say no but here at Optindigo, we think that GDPR doesn’t have to be so painful and take forever. The GDPR regulations are made up of 99 Articles documented in hundreds of pages and supporting information. It would be virtually impossible for most companies to read these articles and understand how they apply to them. That’s where we can help.

We have taken the 99 GDPR Articles and produced a standard set of documentation that embodies all the rules and regulations. We have then produced different sets of these documents for different types of companies. Whether you are a Builder, Care Home, Online Shop or Dentist, we have a pack that is designed for you.

Once you have completed your GDPR documents we’ll help you with you Cyber Security, Staff Training, Contracts and more!.

So, is it possible to do your GDPR fast? Is there a low-cost GDPR option that keeps you safe? Yes! Call us anytime to discuss how we can help.

Good luck all.