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Celebrating Safer Internet Day 2021

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

09-Feb-2021 15:42

The ICO is celebrating Safer Internet Day!

This is a day designed to encourage a national conversation about online privacy and trust. It focuses specifically on children and how data protection experts and normal users must make sure the internet is a safe place to be.

This is an especially important day this year as children are online more than ever. They attend school online, meet friends or family and explore. This means the internet has to be secure for them.

If you process data about children, you must be extremely careful, especially if this is across the EU and UK. Your EU Representative should also be an expert in the GDPR as well as data safety. Optindigo clients can always reach out to our team for advice on tricky issues such as this as we all strive to make the internet a safer place for young people.

At Optindigo, we can also be your EU Representative. We are GDPR experts who can advise you on topics such as data protection. You can set-up your European Representation agreement within five minutes

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