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Save Your Data From GDPR

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

06-Nov-2017 09:30

GDPR clearly states that data collected under current DPA regulations is NOT GDPR compliant. Put simply, that means come May 2018 you will not be able to send any electronic messages to your customers unless you have persuaded them to re-optin using a GDPR complaint opt-in page, terms, and privacy statement.

This might not sound so bad but just think about your normal response rates - how many opens / clicks / conversions do you get to your normal communications? Not huge I guess. Now add into this a requirement for your customers to click a link and agree to re-opt in to each marketing channel plus a new privacy statement. Now you get the problem!

We have developed a number of ways to do this and you for us and our customers and I strongly recommend you do the same. Conversion [re-optin] rates depend very much on how you convince the customer to sign-up - here are a few clues.

1. The offer needs to be generous and worth the effort. You need to give the customer a reason to bother to click all the buttons

2. You need to be persistent - your customers might need to see your message a few times before they re-signup

3. Use your brand - people are sceptical these days. You need to look genuine - use your brand to convince them you are who you say you are

4. Use all channels - our technology works across email, SMS, social - you should consider where your customers are most likely to see your message and respond

5. This will cost money — work out how much your data is worth and be prepared to invest. Pre-filter to identify where your valuable data sits and target this first

6. Start now

If you want to compare notes please give me a call.

Good luck all.