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Sharing data? Check your contracts.

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

05-Aug-2020 13:49

If you share personal data with a third party, you need to ensure that you are both GDPR compliant and that you have appropriate contracts in place that include data protection clauses. Most companies will likely share data with Accountants, HR companies, Pension companies or use outsource tasks to third-party services such as marketing, IT, or software development. To avoid complaints or a data breach you must ensure you have contracts in place that protect the rights of any data subjects.

This may complicated but rest assure that most companies will already be GDPR compliant and will have appropriate terms in place. However, you must check as if you share your data, you may be liable for any breach or complaint.

Your pack includes everything you need to check your suppliers and template contracts and agreements. If you are a subscriber you can use the Supplier Check form and we will check for you.

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Good luck all.