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SMS in a GDPR and PECR World

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

14-Jan-2019 09:37

If you send SMS marketing campaigns, you will be aware that PECR demands that you include an opt-out option in all marketing messages. This is usually pretty simple. Just add, ‘Reply STOP to stop future SMS’, or similar to your campaign. Most SMS platforms will process this automatically and remove that person from your list.

But what about people that don’t send STOP but clearly indicate that they want to be removed from your list? PECR states that companies should stop sending messages if a person objects or opts-out of receiving your messages, but how do you do this. If you send a huge SMS campaign how can you possibly review all responses to identify where a person has objected to receiving your SMS and wants to be removed.

Here’s where we can help. The Team at Textgoto have added a feature to their text marketing platform that reviews all incoming messages and tries to establish whether the content represents an objection or opt-out. The feature known as the Emotion Engine parses all incoming messages and looks at the content to determine how annoyed the person is and whether the content should be read as ‘STOP’ or ‘OPT-OUT’. This is enormously valuable to the marketeer as it reduces the cost of campaigns and also helps avoid GDPR and PECR compliance issues in the future!

Is it SMS AI or SMS Machine Learning? No, not really. The algorithm is adjusted manually based on a review of the results but it works well and will definitely deliver invaluable benefits to all Textgoto users.

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Good luck all.