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Staff Training

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

04-Apr-2019 11:45

GDPR requires you to train your staff. This seems obvious but many companies neglect this vital requirement and suffer the consequences. The fact is, the majority of data breach incidents are caused by human error and these are very difficult to stop. So, what should you do?

As a responsible business owner you need to take precautions. You must ensure your systems and processes protect you wherever possible and conduct regular checks to ensure these processes are actually being followed. But, let’s be realistic, human error is human error! It’s very difficult to totally avoid mistakes and at some point mistakes will happen.

So, assuming you are inevitably going to experience a breach and face possible investigations and enforcement action what can you do? Your best defence is training. Training all your staff is absolutely vital. New staff need to go through GDPR training as part of their induction, existing staff need training to help them understand how GDPR applies and all staff need regular refreshers just to keep them on their toes.

Equally importantly, you need to keep records of all training. Make sure you record all training courses taken by your staff with evidence that they actually completed the course. Certificates, transcripts, training logs are all important. Imagine the ICO team are sat in your office, you need enough evidence to prove that you completed GDPR training.

Optindigo provides free GDPR training to all current customers and subscribers. These files will provide the basic GDPR overview and Cyber Security overview your team needs. There is an advanced course for people that need it.

To get started just visit and setup your account. All courses are free for Optindigo subscribers and all their staff!

Good luck all.