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Steps to GDPR Success - Day Four!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

11-Sep-2020 14:16

This is the last task for the week, so don’t give up now!

If you have completed your GDPR, you should use these daily tasks as a way to update your documents and check you have completed everything.

TASK 4: Third parties, suppliers, partners.

Are you aware that you need to check that your suppliers and other third-parties are GDPR compliant? If you share personal data with another company you are responsible for checking that they have completed their GDPR policies and procedures. You have to be able to prove that you have completed due diligence and that you have appropriate contracts in place to protect the rights of any data subjects.

In some cases this is pretty clear - if you use an Accountant you probably share personal data about employees, customers, suppliers with the Accountant. In this case, you need to ensure you have an appropriate contract in place and that they have completed their GDPR. This principle applies to almost every company you deal with.

If you receive a Subject Access Request you will need to share the details of the types of companies you share data with. If you have not put in place appropriate measures then you could be at risk.

Your account has appropriate documents and checklists that you can use to complete your due diligence. Do it now. Don’t wait until you receive a SAR.

Your mission today is to make a list of all third-parties you share data with and do a small risk analysis to identify where you share sensitive data and make sure you sort these first. Then go down your list and complete your due-diligence as necessary.

If you need help we will be happy to setup zoom meetings, but don’t forget that includes all the documents you need. Contact us anytime for more information.

More to follow Monday!

Good luck all.