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Steps to GDPR Success - Second Week!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

22-Sep-2020 10:59

This is the first task of the week so I thought I’d make it a good one. This is the most important document of all - the Privacy Policy.

Just to remind you, if you have completed your GDPR, you should use these daily tasks as a way to update your documents and check you have completed everything.

TASK 5: The Privacy Policy

Your Privacy policy is probably the most important document in your entire GDPR set. This describes to your data subjects how you collect, store, process, share, secure, and dispose of their data. This document explains their data rights, how to exercise their rights, and who to complain to if they have an issue. The Privacy policy also explains what sort of data you collect and your lawful basis for doing so - this is a very important document!

You probably have a Privacy Policy on your website, but if not, you must do this immediately. Don't forget that your Privacy Policy is about more than just how you collect data on your website, it describes how you collect data as a whole company. Many companies make the mistake of simply referring to their website processing in their Privacy policy and forget all other types of processing they may do.

This task is to remind you to take a look at your policy and make sure you meet all GDPR requirements - read it through, does it make sense? Can you understand it? Does it include all the items desired above? If so - great! If not - fix it!

Your account has a comprehensive Privacy Policy template. You can use this to update and complete yours quickly. Do it now. Don’t wait until you receive a SAR or ICO request.

If you need help we will be happy to set up a zoom meeting, but don’t forget that includes all the help you need - contact us anytime for more information.

Good luck, there's more to follow!