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Step Two for GDPR Success!

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by Adam Brogden
in Blog

09-Sep-2020 13:13

Welcome back to our GDPR Steps to Success Series. If you have completed your GDPR you should use these daily tasks as a way to update your documents and check you have completed everything.

TASK 2: Staff training

Ensuring your staff have completed GDPR and Cyber Security training is key. Should you experience and sort of breach and/or receive any complaint, you need to be sure your staff will know how to deal with that issue. Prompt action to stop a data breach might just save your data and avoid you being held to ransom by a dodgy hacker. An appropriate, friendly, and professional response to a SAR could resolve the issue and avoid you having to process a huge amount of data.

More importantly, ensuring your staff have been trained might just save you from a nasty ICO fine. Staff training is part of your due-diligence and demonstrates that you have taken your obligations seriously. It also shows that you have taken appropriate measures to protect the rights of your data subjects. Failure to complete staff training could result in a fine or other enforcement action.

If you need help we will be happy to setup zoom training courses. Don’t forget that also provides complimentary staff training materials for all users, just contact us anytime for more information.

Good luck all.