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Subject Access Request Management

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

09-Jan-2019 10:31

The management of a SAR is probably your most important ongoing GDPR job. Failure to respond appropriately will undoubtedly increase the level of annoyance felt by the data subject. This could increase the likelihood of legal action and even result in an ICO fine. It is vital that you manage your SAR process effectively.

This is not even that difficult! If you have completed your GDPR compliance processes properly and taken all the expected cyber and operational precautions then there is nothing to fear from a SAR. Effective management could even improve your relationship with that customer and enhance your reputation as a reliable supplier. But you must manage your SARs effectively.

To help our Optindigo users, we have built a SAR Manager. This feature will help you manage a SAR effectively and ensure you respond in good time. The SAR Manager function can be found in the main menu in ‘GDPR Tools’. Take a look, run a few demo/tests, and feel free to call if you need any help.

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Good luck all.