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GDPR Breach Reporting - What Would You Do?

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

18-Sep-2019 11:16

So, your school sends you an email with the details of all the kids in the school including name, address, medical conditions, benefits status, special needs, and parents employment. What do you do? This is definitely a data breach and something the school should take very seriously but what if the school ignore you when you report it. What if they just tell you to delete it and don’t even offer any sort of apology! This is a real dilemma.

If you report it to the ICO there might just be an investigation and even a fine - schools are always short of cash and since they are educating your child then this would seem to be counterproductive. However, maybe you think that the school should be taught a lesson and that reporting it is the correct thing to do.

This is a real case and just so happens that the school ignored the complaint from the parent and didn’t offer any sort of apology, excuse, or promise to review their processes. The parent involved is pretty annoyed but didn’t call the ICO and simply deleted the email.

What do you think? What would you do?

If you face any sort of dilemma like this or if you are the one making the mistake feel free to call us. Moreover just be careful! This could have cost them a hefty fine.

Good luck all.