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Why Do Your GDPR?

by Adam Brogden
in Blog

07-Nov-2019 10:21

Over the last 2 years we have worked with over 1500 companies - helping them through the GDPR process and ensuring the keep GDPR safe. You might think that after 2 years most companies would have registered with the ICO and completed their GDPR policies and procedures, but in our experience this is just not the case! We get calls every day from companies that need to complete their GDPR quickly and usually for the same reason. Because they have to! Most companies only look at GDPR when they need to for some reason - to avoid an issue - or when forced to by some other circumstances. Here are the top reasons people do their GDPR:

  1. they have received a SAR [Subject Access Request] and are concerned about the risk of legal action

  2. a potential customer has requested their GDPR compliance documents

  3. an industry body requires GDPR proof as part of an application for membership

  4. a regulator [CQC, ICO…] requires evidence of compliance as part of an inspection

  5. they have suffered a breach and need to know how to respond

  6. they plan to sack an employee and are concerned that the employee will cause problems due to a lack of policies

  7. the have received a complaint about the use of their CCTV cameras

  8. they have received a nasty letter from the Information Commissioners Office

  9. they want to sell the company and the buyer requires GDPR compliance

  10. they have received a data processing request and don’t know how to respond

Nobody ever rings and says, ‘we just want to do this…’! The problem is that you can not fix your GDPR retrospectively - if you are not compliant when the issue / complaint / breach occurs you can’t fix that and risk fines and enforcement action. It will certainly help if you demonstrate that you have completed your GDPR after the event, and this approach might just help you avoid a fine but you are still at high risk.

Make sure you complete your GDPR BEFORE you have any sort of issue. We can help! It’s not the painful and we have the technology in place to help you complete your GDPR policies and procedures very quickly.

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