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The aim of Optindigo is to help small businesses through the GDPR process. These companies range from sole-traders and micro-businesses that understand they need to complete the GDPR process but are too busy running their businesses, to large SMEs that have successful companies employing large numbers of people but don’t have the resources or time to address GDPR requirements.

This is where you come in.
We Need You!
Optindigo can not cope with the demand for consultancy. Our document packs come with a small amount of free time but the demand for additional help after the free time has been used is far more than we can cope with. We are looking to identify a small group of carefully selected consultants to support our optindigo customers through their GDPR journey.

Take a look at the consultant panel to see how this could work for you.

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How It Works
  1. If you would like to be considered for inclusion on the Consultant Panel, simply create an account on Optindigo and send us an email giving details of your name, your job title, qualifications, experience [specifically your GDPR / DPA experience], location, charge rate, and availability. [availability could be Mon-Fri 9-5 or more general]. We also need a nice photo - simple head shot will do. We publish these as black and white and will convert from colour if required.
  2. Providing we are both happy we add your details to our Consultancy Panel. This is visible to our optindigo customers on the main site and after they have bought a pack but doesn’t include your contact details.
  3. When we sell a pack we invite the best qualified / available / most suitable consultant to act as their GDPR consultant. If you are happy to take on the client we pass your details to them and you take it from there.
  4. You provide the allocated free consultancy time to that customer at your cost, and record the interaction on the optindigo dashboard. Please note that the free time is provided by you at your own cost and is not funded by us.
  5. At the end of the free time you are free to engage with the customer directly as you wish. The relationship is entirely between you and them. You are responsible for defining the scope, duration, cost, expenses etc.
  6. You pay us 10% of your engagement fee for the life of the engagement with that customer as our commission.
  7. Where you bring customers to us and they buy a pack we pay you 20% commission on the pack fee. You are free to engage as you wish.
Let's Get Started!
We have a range of clients with new customers every day, so although we don't make any promises, you could generate a significant amount of work from the Consultant Panel.

It is important to note that the Optindigo team are friendly and approachable – we work hard to help out customers through this process. Many customers are small businesses with limited time and money – these companies may need a more flexible approach! We will be looking for consultants that can work with this sort of company and have a similar ethos.

If this is you, sign up below and then email to apply for a consultancy.

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