The Optindigo Approach
We are GDPR experts and will ensure you meet your EU Representative Article 27 obligations now and in the future. Our pro-active, experienced team will help you through every step and can setup your EU Representative arrangement in just 5 minutes.
How It Works
We have offices in the UK and Ireland. Our Dublin team will act as your EU Representative. Once you setup your account we will send your written agreement and give you access to our online platform – optindigo. com and all the documentation and online tools you need. You can call, email, chat to us anytime.
What's In The Box?
We will ensure you meet Art 27 requirements:
  • Provide a written agreement
  • Provide a self-assessment template
  • Produce a Risk Register for Appointer
  • Review and store your Processing records
  • Respond to Regulators and Data Subjects
  • Communicate effectively with you
  • Help you with ongoing due-diligence
Support & Advice
We work with companies every day and will ensure we understand how GDPR applies to you and your organisation. We can offer advice and support on any GDPR issue including initial audit, SAR and Breach support and ongoing due-diligence advice. You can call, chat, email anytime.
Compliance Today, Compliance Tomorrow
Our optindigo platform allows us to setup your account and documentation quickly and with minimal effort by you. We can setup your service in just 5 minutes. More importantly our platform will help ensure we meet our Article 27 obligations and remain compliant. We will happily work with your processes or give you free access to ours tried and tested polices and procedures.