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Start your GDPR today in just a few clicks
Get Free Downloads
Start your GDPR today in just a few clicks
The Optindigo Approach
Here at Optindigo we take data protection seriously. Optindigo provides all the documents and policies you need tailored specifically for your company. Download all the document templates you need instantly! We are the only company that give you ready-made document packs saving you huge amounts of time, effort, and money. With many years involvement in data protection we can help you through the GDPR process and ensure you stay safe in the future. We help you through the entire GDPR process. No hidden costs – pay once and get all the documents and help you need to become GDPR compliant.
How It Works
Optindigo is designed to help you complete the GDPR compliance process as quickly and easily as possible. We provide tailored documents and policies and help you through the entire GDPR process. We help you complete the analysis of your data and operations, train your staff, and analyse your supplier contract. We help you setup your mandatory GDPR processes and onging due-diligence. GDPR compliance is not a trivial process and we will help you complete all the necessary steps. The Optindigo Task Manager will help guide you through the process and our 1-1 support will help minimise the time and effort involved.
What's In The Box?
You can create an account for free and check out how Optindigo works. You can check out the Dashboard, Task Manager, Document packs and free downloads. Choose the pack tailored to your business or contact us about our bespoke service. You can upgrade online and download your documentation instantly. We understand that GDPR represents a challenge and additional cost to every company and will endeavour to help you complete these activities and quickly, simply, and cost effectively as possible.
Support & Advice
Optindigo is the only GDPR site that gives you documents tailored to your business, minimising the effort required. We even provide 1-1 support to help you complete the GDPR process as quickly, simply and cost effectively as possible. If you are unsure about how GDPR affects you just call us for a free consultation.
Compliance Today, Compliance Tomorrow
GDPR enforcement started on 25 th May and the number of complaints, and breach reports is already at record levels. We believe that GDPR is not just about documents, contracts and processes but is more about how you operate your business and protect the privacy of your customers, employees, and other individuals.

Optindigo also provides ongoing compliance advice, support, and tools. We will help you become GDPR compliant and maintain compliance in the future. The Optindigo team are always willing to discuss ICO issues and we always recommend you call us first!