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I don’t hold any data, do I need to register?

Be very careful here – the regulations are quite clear. If you hold ANY personal data about ANYONE you will need to register. This includes anything that could identify the individual so name, address, email, phone number, and some personal IDs such as National Insurance number would all count. If you run any sort of business the chances are you will hold some personal data. You also need to complete your GDPR processes – the fines for failing to need GDPR can be eyewatering!

I keep all my records on paper so the rules don’t apply?

This won’t save you! If you store data in any sort of structured filing system then GDPR applies and you will need to register. Claiming that you only store information on paper or that you only have the odd email is no defense and you will need to register. The regulations are pretty broad here. If you have any sort of filing system you will need to register. Our GDPR packs can help you decide what data you hold.

My company is dormant so can I avoid payment?

Sorry – even this doesn’t help. Whether your company is new, dormant, not really trading, or in any way not trading you will still need to pay a fee if you hold personal data. Most companies that have traded will be holding data for a few years after they stop trading due to HMRC requirements. Don’t forget that data subject [person] can issue you a request or complain about you for years after you last dealt with them.

I used the ICO Registration Quiz and don’t need to register

That might just be good news – however be very careful. It is most unlikely that any company that sells anything to anyone will not need to register. There are very few reasons to be exempt and as soon as you start to trade, sell, let a property, provide consultancy etc… it is likely that you will collect data and will need to register. Don’t forget that the fine for failing to register is huge but the fine for a breach can be much higher.

Need help to register or help with GDPR?

You have come to the right place. The team at optindigo are Data Protection experts and can help with any aspect of ICO Registration, GDPR, Cyber Security, or how to handle a complaint. We are always happy to answer questions and our advice is FREE. We can even help you through the ICO Registration process if you need. Call – 01772 217800, chat online, or email anytime.

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