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Start your GDPR today in just a few clicks
Get Free Downloads
Start your GDPR today in just a few clicks
Why Use Optindigo For GDPR?
We understand that nobody wants to deal with GDPR - you're busy and it means a lot of work. Even if you buy a set of GDPR documents from another online vendor, there's still a huge amount for you to do - modifying those documents for your business, entering your organisation specifics. We can tell you from experience that just getting started takes longer than you might think.
GDPR In A Click
Optindigo is here to take the pressure off. The document packs we provide are just the start - our system allows you to generate a full set of GDPR documents for your business just by answering a few simple questions - once you've provided the information all of your documents can be generated with one click.
Once the documents are generated, it's a simple step to read them and implement the procedures outlined in your company.
And It Gets Better...
The team at Optindigo have developed a range of document packs tailored to different types of company. These packs include complete sets of documents, policies, processes designed for that business. These packs minimise the amount of time and effort required by you - in most cases you can simply print out the documents with little or no amendment required.
We're Here To Help
Don't forget that all our packs come with free system support for any problems or questions you might have - something else you won't find in an off-the-shelf GDPR document pack.
Use our simple online pack selector to choose the right pack for you, or contact us for a chat.
Don't forget that GDPR compliance is just the start – Optindigo provides ongoing compliance and due-diligence tools and support.
Get GDPR packs tailored to your company
Our sector based document packages are the perfect fit! Save yourself hours of editing, and reach GDPR compliance faster
GDPR Free Toolkit Free tools to get you started and introduce you to Optindigo
Access to our free-tier GDPR guides
GDPR and cyber-security training videos
Sample access to our document generator
Initial consultation to help you get started
One-to-one demonstration
DIY GDPR Toolkit
from £99
(inc. tax)
A GDPR solution for all businesses, from sole traders to SMEs, with specialist industry sector packs available
Access to your selected document package
Access to GDPR Task Manager
Document re-branding - add your logo to all your documents automatically
GDPR and cyber-security training videos
Ongoing compliance and audit
One to one consultancy included

What's included in these packs?
Bespoke GDPR
ex. vat
Let us complete your GDPR preparations for you
Your GDPR solution will include a GDPR audit, cyber security review, and a completed document pack - we’ll even provide you with training material for your staff. Call us now for more information and to book your free GDPR consultation.
Sole Trader Package
(inc. tax)
Sole-trader, one person company, work from home… this is the pack for you.
Access to all the documents, policies, and procedures you need to be GDPR compliant. Access to the instant Document Wizard plus the GDPR tools and training videos and help from us to get you through this process. Get your documents in 10 minutes.
Microbusiness Package
(inc. tax)
Designed for Small and Medium companies with 2-50 employees.
GDPR is more complicated for you but we can help. The team at optindigo understand how GDPR applies to you and will help you through the process. We will ensure you have everything you need. Access to all the tools, training, and GDPR support to complete your GDPR fast.
SME Package
(inc. tax)
Designed for complex companies with 50+ employees or an international presence.
GDPR is vital for you but your complex organization, high numbers of staff and customers, and perhaps an international presence means that GDPR is potentially difficult. We can help your team through this process. Access to all the tools, training, and GDPR support to complete your GDPR.

These are the documents you receive in each of the packages we offer. However, with Optindigo you receive so much more than just documents! Our autofill functions save you huge amounts of time, and we're here to help when you get stuck.

Sole Trader PackMicrobusiness and Tailored PacksSME Pack
Controller Processing Activities Register
Data Breach Policy and incident form Response letter and Breach Register
Data Retention and Erasure Policy & Schedule
GDPR Implementation 10 Step Plan
GDPR Strategy document
General Data Protection Notice
Information Audit Template
Information Classification Policy
Information Security Policy
Lawful Basis for Processing Document
Privacy Notice and Consent Template
Subject Access Request Procedure & Request Form & SAR Response Form
Supplier Due Diligence Checklist
Complaint Form Register and Response Letter
Data Subject Disclosure And Consent Forms
Employee Consent And Privacy Policy
GDPR Checklists
Legitimate Interest Assessment Form
Optindigo Approved Badge
Processor Processing Activities Register
Remote Access and BYOD Policy
Access Control and password policy
Clear Desk and Screen Policy
Data Protection Impact Assessment Procedure
DPO Job Description
Information Asset Register
Parental Consent and Withdrawal Form
Privacy Notice Register
Processor GDPR Compliance Questionnaire
Staff Training Policy
Supplier Data Processing Agreement