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Start your GDPR today in just a few clicks
Task Planner - GDPR Readiness

GDPR is huge, complex, and pretty daunting for most organisations but helps make it easier and quicker. We have identified the key tasks you need to do and produced document packs for every type of company to help you through the process. The Optindigo system helps you become GDPR compliant and ensures you are able to respond to any ICO request or investigation. Our GDPR tailored document packs and task manager will show you what you have to do to be GDPR compliant. Just as importantly, will help you stay compliant by ensuring you complete vital review and due-diligence tasks and stay GDPR safe. Our tools and templates are self-explanatory, but if you need more help you can contact us at anytime.

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Document Packs

GDPR compliance means you need a lot of documentation! Worse still, ongoing compliance means you need to be able to demonstrate due-diligence and constant review of documents, contracts, and processes. We can help. Our automated document generator and online document management tool will help you complete all the documentation you need for your company as quickly and easily as possible. Why spend countless hours trying to work out which documents apply to you - or spend huge amounts of money paying solicitors and consultants to produce your documents for you? Sign- up now and download the documents you need for your business, charity, or organisation today.

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Consultancy & Advice

The Optindigo team have been involved in marketing for many years and have considerable experience in GDPR, PECR, and ePrivacy. We have helped over 1000 companies through their GDPR preparations and understand how GDPR impacts different organisations. If you need help, advice, or guidance on any aspect then contact the Optindigo GDPR team today.

We are always willing to discuss your GDPR problems and all document packs include free 1-1 consultancy. We can get involved in detailed, difficult areas and will work with your in-house teams at a practical level to ensure you are ready for GDPR. Organisational issues / Processes / Technology / Documentation / Data – we can help in all areas.

Ongoing Compliance

GDPR compliance is just the start, ongoing compliance management is vital to your business. The Optindigo service is designed to keep you GDPR safe, the packs include checklists, contracts and other documentation required to ensure your employees, suppliers, and other third parties are also compliant. We even provide training material for your staff to ensure they understand how to operate in a GDPR environment. The team at Optindigo also provide ongoing advice and support to ensure you stay GDPR compliant, weekly emails, blogs, and automated reminders are designed to protect you from GDPR breaches, complaints, or ICO enforcement action. Talk to us today about how we can help you stay safe. Don’t forget, once you have registered with Optindigo you can call anytime – received a SAR? Call us first!

Complaint Handling

With GDPR fast approaching it is more important than ever that you demonstrate good practice in dealing with complaints, requests for information and SARs. We can do all this for you.

We provide a complaint handling service that can help you reduce complaints, avoid ICO investigations and leave you free to manage your business. We are GDPR compliant and have many years experience as a marketing company so understand how to help customers block unwanted calls, emails, and texts. Our service encourages people to report complaints to us rather than you. We help defuse the situation and avoid escalation. Contact us now for more info.

Mobile Number Checking

GDPR requires you to make sure your data is accurate and that you are able to demonstrate due diligence in maintaining your data. The Optindigo Mobile Number Checker allows you to check that your mobile number data is live and able to receive SMS messages. Running this process will help you reduce wasted marketing spend and also identify potentially out of data allowing you to clean and improve your customer database.

Mobile Number Checker is run using a HLR process on

Useful Links

GDPR will affect every company and almost every aspect of your business. The Optindigo team have access to a range of companies that specialise in different aspects of data protection, vulnerability testing, GDPR consultancy, and data management. Feel free to contact us with your issue and we'll make the introductions.

Virtual DPO

GDPR regulations refers to a DPO as having expert knowledge of data protection law and practices. DPOs are usually the person that ensures the organisation refers data protection questions to, and the person that helps the organisation operate within GDPR rules. We have many years of experience in data protection and more recently GDPR. Talk to us about our Virtual DPO service and outsourcing your DPO responsibilities to us.

Emergency GDPR

GDPR preparations could take many months – countless documents, meeting, and development activity. We can help you complete GDPR preparation fast. If you have a problem and need to demonstrate GDPR compliance then talk to us. We have an experienced team of professionals that can help complete your GDPR readiness very quickly. Are you subject to an investigation? Got a tricky complaint you need help with? Call us to discuss how we can help.

EU Presence

Are you based outside the EU and need an EU presence? GDPR Article 27 requires that data processors outside the EU need to have an identified representative. Talk to us. We provide virtual DPO services and EU Data Controller services. This is a specialised, bespoke service so call to discuss.